FS Legals Services

Due Diligence

At FSLS we prioritise empowering our clients with thorough insights into their potential business ventures. Our due diligence services are carefully designed to uncover any legal risks, obligations, liabilities, and noncompliance issues that might accompany an acquisition or a business relationship.

Understanding Your Venture

A successful transaction begins with a deep understanding of the target business. Our due diligence process is tailored to the nature and scale of the target company’s operations, ensuring a comprehensive review. We diligently examine various aspects, including but not limited to:

Constitutional Documents

Understanding the foundational structure and legal framework of the target company.

Employee Benefits and Labour Arrangements

Analysing the employment landscape and obligations.

Material Contracts

Reviewing significant contracts critical to the company’s operations.

Real Estate Assets

Evaluating owned real estate assets for potential legal intricacies.

Intellectual Property

Assessing owned and utilized intellectual property to safeguard proprietary rights.


Investigating financial arrangements and debts to ensure a clear financial picture.

Insurance Policies

Reviewing insurance coverage to identify any gaps in protection.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring adherence to environmental, health, safety, and other regulatory standards.

Competition & Tax Compliance

Assessing compliance with competition laws and tax regulations.

Litigation Review

Identifying any ongoing or potential litigations involving the company.

Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Compliance:

Beyond acquisitions, we also support our clients in thoroughly understanding business entities or individuals before engaging in a partnership or transaction. Our due diligence provides insights into potential risks, be it regulatory or reputational, associated with the business relationship. We cover a wide range of critical areas, including:

  1. Sanctions Exposure
  2. Bribery and Corruption Risks
  3. Tax Compliance
  4. Money Laundering
  5. Financial and Non-Financial Crimes (e.g., Environmental, Social, and Governance).

Your Informed Decision:

We believe that informed decisions lead to successful outcomes. Our due diligence services are geared towards providing you with a clear understanding of the legal landscape associated with your business endeavors. This knowledge equips you to navigate transactions and relationships with confidence, ensuring a strong foundation for your business growth.