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Our Story

We Mind the Legal, You Master the Business.

Our Firm

Welcome to
FS Legal Services

Welcome to FS Legal Services (FSLS), your strategic legal ally headquartered in the vibrant business hub of London, England, with
offices in the UAE and Libya. We're your partners in navigating the intricate landscape of business legalities.

Our Expertise

Bridging Legal Gaps, Igniting Growth

At FSLS, we specialise in driving businesses through various legal landscapes. Our strengths include cross-border transactions, corporate and commercial advisory, mergers & acquisitions, market entry strategies, dispute resolution, and proactive corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Our Legal Pioneers

Merging Global Expertise

Our team is a blend of qualified and regulated lawyers, accredited in various jurisdictions including New York and England & Wales. Fluent in both English and Arabic, our legal practitioners are equipped to cater to diverse legal needs.

Building Bridges Across Borders

Our Global Network

FSLS is proud to be affiliated with esteemed law firms across Africa and the Middle East. These valuable relationships empower us to leverage collective expertise, resources, and expansive networks for effective client support.

Seamless Legal Solutions Worldwide

Our Promise

Through our affiliations, we seamlessly offer comprehensive legal services, transcending borders and encompassing transactional and advisory assistance across numerous countries. We understand the intricacies of doing business in the localities we cover and employ our local insights to guide clients through the associated commercial and legal risks.

Outsource with Confidence

Your Legal Backstage Pass

FSLS is not just a law practice; we're your dedicated legal partner. We offer specialised legal process outsourcing services to enterprises, NGOs, governmental bodies, and law firms. Our highly qualified team manages your daily legal matters, supporting you in mergers and acquisitions, compliance, contract management, managed document review, due diligence, legal operations, corporate governance and legal research.

Our Core

Empowering Your Legal Peace of Mind.


Our Vision

Empowering small and medium sized businesses, we aspire to be the foremost legal partner, offering trusted and transformative legal solutions that liberate our clients from the burden of daily legal intricacies.


Our Mission

We act as an extension of our clients by working with them as one team. We take over their day-to-day legal work, empowering them to place their energy and resources on what matters to them instead.

We work towards building trust leading to long-term and strategic relationships with our clients. We provide flexible services that are tailored to each client’s needs.

We prioritise understanding our clients’ businesses so that we can provide legal services that add value that goes beyond transactional work. We are quick to embrace the latest advancements in technology, which means our clients benefit from innovative legal solutions. We invest in our people and our infrastructure to ensure there is no compromise on the quality of the work we provide.


Our Values



Trust is the cornerstone of our relationships. We are deeply committed to building enduring and robust connections with our clients. We prioritise the security and confidentiality of our clients' information, ensuring they have confidence in our unwavering dedication to their best interests.



Integrity is the compass that guides our actions. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, maintaining transparency, honesty, and respect in every interaction. Our commitment to integrity is the foundation upon which we build trust and credibility with our clients, colleagues, and the community.



Creating value is at the heart of our service. We invest in our people and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional and personalised legal services. This investment not only translates to cost-effective solutions but also ensures that our clients receive the highest quality of service, adding significant value to their endeavors.



Engagement is our commitment to active and attentive collaboration. We believe in clear and open communication, actively listening to our clients to understand their unique needs. By tailoring our approach and maintaining regular high-quality communication, we ensure that our clients' expectations and preferences are exceeded.


Business Minded

Being business-minded is our strategic advantage. We immerse ourselves in understanding our clients' businesses comprehensively. This in-depth understanding allows us to craft solutions that not only address legal aspects but are aligned with our clients' business objectives. We partner with our clients on their journey to success, offering legal expertise that is in perfect harmony with their vision and goals.

Our Founder

Fatma Swehli is a distinguished attorney, licensed in New York and a solicitor in England & Wales, boasting an extensive legal career of over fifteen years. Her diverse experience spans senior roles as an in-house counsel and external advisor, covering a wide scope across the MENA region, Africa, and Europe.

Drawing from her extensive experience as in-house counsel for various prominent companies in the MENA region, Fatma recognised a significant gap in accessible legal services catered to the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, a gap even more apparent when seeking specialised Arabic legal support. Motivated by a deep sense of empathy for business owners and managers grappling with legal complexities, Fatma established FS Legal Services (FSLS).

FSLS was founded with a clear objective—to bridge the legal support gap for businesses. This vision was fueled by Fatma’s passion for entrepreneurship, her deep understanding of the law, and her genuine desire to serve local communities and businesses. This became FSLS’ dedicated mission, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises, assisting them in growing confidently and in full compliance.

This steadfast philosophy, firmly grounded in FSLS’s core values, serves as the bedrock of trust for our clients. At FSLS, we are wholeheartedly committed to leveraging our wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to support our clients in their legal journey, ensuring their path to success is smooth and safeguarded.